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Who was da best act at the Fall Edition?

Thursday, September 30 I think we can sum up the HFStival Fall Edition with one word: ROWDY. From the violence and ticket-tearing that went down before the gates even opened, to the early mosh pits (in one of which my friend got a nasty black eye), to Limp Bizkit's hell-raising set, this HFStival was, in my humble opinion, the craziest EVER. I actually fell down in the mosh pit during Bizkit's set. It was seriously the scariest thing that's ever happened to me. No joke.

It was great to have the festival back at RFK. PSInet was nice, but taking the metro is sooo convenient, or at least it was in the morning... Coming back was a different story entirely. There were some great acts. A few of my favorites were Fuel, Long Beach Dub Allstars, surprise guests Run DMC, Sev (Fairfax County. Aww yeah.), Jimmie's Chicken Shack (who had a much better set than in the spring), and of course Limp Bizkit. Words cannot fully describe the spectacle that was Limp's set. Fireballs! Foul language! Exposed breasts! And 100,000 flying plastic bottles! It was AMAZING. I came home after their set and slept for FOURTEEN hours.

Another year, another TWO great HFStivals. I'll see yall in the spring! HFStival 2000, baby!

Friday, August 27 A friend of mind pointed me to a bit o' HFStival news on the SEV WEBSITE. It seems that there will be not one, not two, but THREE stages at the upcoming HFStival. There will be the traditional inner stage, for the bigger acts, and the outer stage, for the lesser-known ones, but this festival will see the addition of a stage for local acts. You can check out the bands page for my breakdown of the acts and their respective stages. Just my guesses, but its the best I can do at this point. And oh yeah, tickets tomorrow, 10:00am, Ticketmaster, $25 each, cash only.

Wednesday, August 25 Outer stage! Outer stage! Party time! Excellent! Just discovered the lineup for the HFStival Outer Stage, the home of local music at the festival. Here we go: Good Charlotte, Underfoot, Laughing Colors, Mary Prankster, Colouring Lesson, Modern Yesterday, Live Alien Broadcast, and the Wakeing Hours. Sounds good to me. And in other news, appearing at the Trancemissions Tent will be: Thievrey Corporation, DieselBoy, DJ Touche of the Wiseguys, John Tab, Feelgood, Lovegrove, Scott Henry, and Lieven.

In other news, tickets for the 1999 HFStival: Fall Edition go on sale this saturday at 10:00. Be there, or... don't be at the HFStival.

Tuesday, August 24 I was just checking the official HFStival page, and it seems that 6 more bands have been quietly added to the line-up. These new bands are HFStival veteran Sev, Staind, Jact, Bis, Splittsville, and Uncle Ho (yeah, you read that right). That brings our grand total to 16 bands, with reportedly more on the way. Also, the Trancemissions tent will be returning to this latest HFStival, so all you dance fans can have something to look forward to.

And everybody wish my sister a happy birthday!

Thursday, August 19 I wuz listening to HFS last night, and I heard about three more bands headed for the fall festival... Fuel, Filter, and Bush! This brings our grand total up to 10 bands, with more on the way. Exciting stuff.

Wednesday, August 18 HFStival '99 -- FALL EDITION, BABY! That's right, folks, for the first time ever, the year of 99, the year of HFS, will host not one but TWO HFStivals! This second HFStival will take place on Saturday, September 25, at RFK STADIUM, unlike the earlier HFStival. Tickets go on sale on Saturday, August 28, at 10:00AM, and are available through TicketMaster Outlets, TicketMaster PhoneCharge, and, in an interesting twist, through TicketMaster Online.

And now on to what's really important, the bands. HFStival Fall '99 will featured such acts as Limp Bizkit, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Everclear, the Chemical Brothers, Buckcherry, 311, and the Long Beach Dub Allstars (basically Sublime without Brad Nowell). Sounds awesome, although this list seems short to me, and there is always a possibility that other bands will be announced later.

Expect a new look for this page, as well as more information as it becomes available. Two HFStivals in one year! Who woulda thought...

Sunday, May 30 80,000 people crammed together like sardines on a scorchingly hot day, listening to music that was far too loud and doing things that are illegal in most states? Yeah, I'd say that pretty much sums it up. This year's HFStival kicked ass!

The Chili Peppers were good, playing some classic songs as well as new material, but I think we all know who owned this year's festival: The Offspring. They had the whole stadium going crazy. I'd put their performance right up there with Green Day as one of the all-time HFStival best. I didn't get out to the side stage very much, but I hear Sev was really good. If you've got any HFStival memories, please, send em my way.

I think the most exciting thing all day was an announcement on the Jumbotron screen over the stage... a second HFStival! The message said something like, "Only once a century does it happen twice a year: May 29 and September 25." I was like, oh my god! More info as I hear it.

Saturday, May 29 Hell yeah, folks. The festival is here. I hear it's gonna be a scorching 91 degrees today, and it'll feel more like 130 inside the stadium. It's gonna be freakin' insane. 70,000 or more people dancing, yelling, smoking, and having an all around hell of a good time. It's BS that we can't bring in water, but there should be enough to go around. I hear about a booth they are going to set up that sprays people with cool, soothing, life-giving mist. That's where you'll find me :) If you have any last minute questions, send them my way, and I'll be back with my HFStival wrap-up after I recover (36 hours of sleep, minimum). I hope you all have a great time, and I'll be seein' ya'll at the 1999 HFStival, baby!

Wednesday, May 19 Well, the HFStival is only 10 short days away! Aww man, it's gonna rock your world.

If I had only one piece of advice to offer you, fellow HFStivalgoer, sunscreen would be it. Put some on before you leave. Put some on when you get to the stadium. Put some on after every band you see. If you think you have too much sunscreen on, put on some more. I promise you'll still get a tan, and this way you might not get burned too bad. Also, bring enough money for drinks. Water is hard to find, and a drink'll run about $3. I know it's expensive, but you won't care after you've been standing in the heat for five or six hours.

I'll be back with more helpful advice as we get closer to the festival. Some of my ideas may not be the greatest, but trust me on the sunscreen :P

Thursday, April 28 Tickets this saturday! They go on sale this saturday at 9am through MOST TicketMaster outlets and through TicketMaster PhoneCharge. There are a few locations that won't be selling HFStival tickets, and I'd advise you to check here to see if you're local ticket outlet is one of them.

My advice to all of you is to go to where ever it is you plan to buy tickets on friday night and see what's up. Talk to the ticket sellers and mall security and see what their plan is, and try to get your name on any list, official or unofficial, that you can find. Remember: you can only buy tickets with cash. Tickets are $25 plus a service charge of less than $5 per ticket. Four tickets per person limit. Good luck to everyone, and just try to be civil about it.

Wednesday, April 21 Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been feeling a little bit under the weather, and I needed to get my beauty sleep. Anyway, we've got the complete band list (aside from any surprise bands) and all the ticket info. Tickets will go on sale on Saturday, May 1 at 9am, available at TicketMaster outlets, through TicketMaster PhoneCharge, and at many other places, including RFK Stadium (I'd call there first, though) and Mailboxes Etc. Like last year, tickets will cost $25 with a $4-5 service charge.

And now, what you've all been waiting for: the bands! They've got some great acts lined up this year. Headlining the festival will be the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Other major bands include the Offspring, Live, Sugar Ray, Goo Goo Dolls, Silverchair, Blink 182, and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. The other main stage performers will be Jimmie's Chicken Shack, Orgy, Lit, and Sev, for a total of 12 bands.

On the outer stage, the more popular bands playing are 2 Skinee J's, Citizen King, and Fountains of Wayne. Also, we'll be hearing Buck Cherry, the Freestylers, the Living End, Ozomatli, and Beth Orton, the only female performer at this year's HFStival.

Expect some surprise announcements from HFS, this being the 10th HFStival and whatnot, and listen to win tickets. They've already started giving them away. Good luck, and I think this year's festival is going to be a blast!

Sunday, April 18 Official HFStival announcements coming on monday! We'll finally learn about the bands and when we can finally get tickets. I'll listen to as much as I can, but I'd appreciate it if you'd tell me about any of the bands you hear.

Also, we have our first confirmed band: SEV. This local act won the Big Break dealie and now they get to open the main stage. Way to go guys.

Thursday, April 15 Just got an email announcing the new offical HFStival page. Now, it's still under construction, and some of the links don't work, but it's a good sign of things to come. You can find it here. Keep the rumors coming folks!

Monday, April 12 Big update today. It turns out that the rumors I heard earlier were from a Rolling Stone article (which can be found here). Now, I've been told that the author of this article tried the same stunt (leaking HFStival bands before the official announcements) last year, and half of his article turned out to be wrong, so don't have too much faith in anything you hear from non-HFS sources.

On a more positive note, I've heard some great things about Raven Stadium (actually called "PSInet Stadium"), where the 1999 HFStival will be held. One reader described it as "nothing less than A FRIGGIN' PALACE with a football field in the middle." I've never been to the stadium, being a Redskins fan myself (hold your laughter until the end of the presentation). I hear it has great audio and video systems, as well as 100,000 parking spaces, so parking won't be a problem. Also, Raven Stadium is larger, allowing HFS to sell approx. 10,000 more tickets. There's a light rail system in Baltimore that stops right outside the stadium that could be used by festival-goers (is that a word?). Overall, I feel that the choice to move the HFStival was probably a good one and won't be a major inconvenience for fans in Washington.

Still haven't heard much about ticket sales. One source told me that tickets will go on sale this saturday, april 17, but that seems a little too soon to me, considering that they haven't announced anything yet.

Sunday, April 11 Hey folks! Wasn't sure if I was gonna do this again this year, but I got an email with a whole bunch of HFStival info (thanks Dave), and I felt like I had to post all this stuff. So here I am, back again this year, bringing you all the info as I hear it.

The 1999 HFStival will take place on May 29, 1999. If you hadn't heard yet, the '99 HFStival will NOT take place at RFK as it has in the past, but rather at Raven Stadium in Baltimore. This raises some questions in my mind, but I'll reserve judgement until I hear more info. I guess I'm not taking metro this year.

This year, I've got a TON of info about the bands, unlike last year, when I didn't hear much until they were officially announced. Here's what we've got so far:

Keeping in mind that this is all just rumors at this point, my source tells me that the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Offspring could play the festival, as well as the Goo Goo Dolls, Sugar Ray, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Lit ("My Own Worst Enemy"), Orgy, Blink 182, and four others. The Chili Peppers and Blink will preview material from their forthcoming albums, called "Californication" and "Enema of the State," respectively. And those are just the main stage bands.

On the outer stage, slated artists include Fountains of Wayne, Beth Orton and Zebrahead. Other possibilities are Citizen King, Marvelous 3, Puya, and Buckcherry. The winner of the HFS Big Break will also get a spot. The three finalists are Sev, the Martians, and Sampson. The finals will be on April 15th at Bohagers in Baltimore.

"In all, twenty bands are expected to play this year's HFStival -- twelve on the main stage and eight on the second stage." -Dave (my source)

Like always, I love your input. If you've got some info or thoughts on improving the site, email me. Lets hope this year's HFStival turns out to be as cool as the festivals from years past.